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Top 7 Features of a Great Mobile Website

Top 7 Features of a Great Mobile Website - Once the question of why a business needs a mobile website is answered, the website design comes into play. A good mobile website comes equipped with some attributes that truly enhance the user experience and influence conversions. Here’s a look at the top 7 features of a good mobile website:

1. Speed: The mobile website is meant for an audience that is practically always on the move. The mobile-savvy customer is generally short on time and likes to be able to make fast decisions. A mobile website that loads at lightning-fast speed is far more likely to keep them interested in exploring than waiting for one that seems to take forever to make an appearance on their screen. In fact, the standard loading time for a truly world-class mobile website is supposed to be around the 5-second mark.

2. Great navigation structure: Clickable buttons and tick-boxes are in; scrolling and zooming functions are out. A good mobile website is built to facilitate swift, smooth runs-meaning a user does not need to navigate and browse endlessly to find what they are searching. Instead of having to type, they should be able to touch, click and access the information they need.

3. Optimized content: Companies sometimes overlook the fact that the mobile website does not need to have all the content that their desktop version does. A mobile website is not meant to be a smaller replica of the current website. Rather, it presents as a smart, crisp website that displays the most important, relevant business information on the customer’s mobile. This is generally achieved by clever picking and choosing of text, re-sized images and reduced graphics. Also, in order to keep the content legible, the use of large, sparse text comes handy.

4. Responsiveness: A great mobile website would function without any hiccups across any device, on any screen and any platform. While this can mean having to hold back on some design elements or visual appeal, the end result is worth it. After all, the idea is to generate leads that lead to conversion. What good is a beautiful website that simply fails to deliver content to a prospective customer?

5. Social networking feature: What better channel to power the company through social networking, if not through one’s mobile website? The powerful impact of social networks on people’s lives is lost on nobody. This is as relevant for purchasing decisions as for personal choices. A good mobile website lets its customers share every bit of information they might like about the company with their peers, make recommendations and post comments.

6. Instant Contact: By virtue of the fact that mobile websites make use of click buttons, it is possible to build a provision for an instant connection through email, sms or phone. At the click of a button, a prospective customer is able to establish contact with the company. The implications of increase in traffic to the mobile website, and subsequently, on potential revenue, are significant.

7. Inbuilt Maps: The ability to locate a place quickly becomes enhanced through a good mobile website, which has inbuilt Google maps and GPS activation to direct the mobile user from their location to the business.


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