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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Enterprise SEO - Why it is Essential Now?

These are economically challenging times worldwide. When each business organization, new and old, needs every client it can get, marketing becomes all the more important. Needless to say, digital marketing is the most favored method of companies these days, considering the sheer size of audience that can be reached.

Online marketing for a company, besides any specific campaigns that may be undertaken, begins with the visibility and awareness of its online presence, that is, the branding that it manages to establish on the web. While this is important for small businesses, it is simply non-negotiable for large brands in any industry sector. Every potential customer lost due to poor web presence is capable of being a powerful peer influencer, thus indirectly resulting in major loss of revenue as well as reputation.

Here’s a list of reasons for brands to give SEO its due attention:

  • Measurable increase in web traffic: Analytics and reports are extremely efficient at giving you a clear-cut idea of the steady rise in web traffic that smart search engine optimization is bound to generate for you in a fairly short period of time. As the number of visitors goes up, so will your brand’s sales!
  • Better Long-Term investment than paid ads: For a quick-fire sales boost, there are a number of options for placing online advertisements and pay-per-click ad-word campaigns. However, these only help in the short term. Investing in a well thought out, structured SEO campaign yields much better returns on investment for the brand. Having better SEO means a consistent good ranking in search engines, thus in fact eliminating or minimizing the need for paid ads.
  • Tool to boost brand credibility: Google is held in high regard by users worldwide, in all industry segments. So the higher up you are ranked by Google, the more trustworthy and credible your brand becomes. A good SEO plan is engineered to bring your brand to the first page, and even better, right there at the top, with all your competitors wishing they were there!
  • Competitive edge: In a cluttered marketplace, how do you stand out? A highly skilled SEO team can help. They can ensure that your brand gains the highest possible visibility in your field by activating multiple channels, such as leveraging the power of social media to make your brand the most talked-about one!
  • Long Shelf-life of Results: Once a company works hard to promote its web presence and is successful in doing so, it is a major achievement towards cementing its future. This is because the results of SEO are quite permanent in nature, given that there is a constant stream of efforts. Your page ranking will not experience peaks and troughs, unlike what paid ad-words would do.
  • Data Access: An indirect, but very real benefit that you could gain mightily from is access to customer data. By analyzing top-searched keywords, it is possible to determine highly sought-after products, or those that can be promoted to fill a gap that is evident in the market. This can prove invaluable in boosting your sales.

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