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Website Design-Why Go Mobile?

In the world of technology, there is an upgrade every day-especially on the mobile platform. For many business owners, mobile website design seems to be the newest high-priority task. Ever find yourself wondering why this clamor for a mobile-friendly web avatar? After all, these businesses already have functional websites which even enjoy good rankings. So why bother going through the process again?

mobile website design

Allow us to cite just a few reasons why mobile websites are so popular today:
  • There are more mobile users than PC users: Yes, really. Everywhere you go, everybody you know, owns a smartphone now. And the number of people who access the internet everyday through their mobiles outdoes those who still use their PC’s. This is a worldwide statistic.
  • Website display on mobile does not mean mobile-friendly: So, we can see your website when we type the name of your business on a mobile. That is not worth much if it isn’t designed to be mobile-friendly. A lot of important features, products and key aspects of your business may simply not show up on it. If the mobile user doesn’t have a great user experience, he is unlikely to visit again and discover how wonderful your product actually is!
  • Great brand-building: A mobile website will boost the visibility of your brand name. Even if people don’t actually buy from your website the first time, they are likely to recognize your store when they pass by if your website created a good impression. All businesses benefit from this brand recall over the long term.
  • Higher accessibility to your customer: The higher the number of touch points you have with your customer, the greater your chances of conversion. Whether your website has an e-commerce need or not, the simple fact that you are accessible to your customer on-the-go will notch up points for you. Mobile websites are known to provide a bump up to customer loyalty in general.
  • Mobile websites score over mobile apps: Apps can certainly help businesses, but a mobile website is more efficient. For one, it needn’t be developed on distinct platforms. Also, it needs no installation-it is much simpler for a user to simply visit your website. An app can play a significant supporting role though!
  • Size of the business does not matter: A lot of people have the per-conceived notion that only multinational companies and large brands receive mobile traffic to their website. Not so. Local information is most often sought on mobiles by over 80% of the adult population. So even if you have a small business catering to only local customers, don’t you want to serve ALL of them? If so, you’ve got to dazzle them with your smart mobile website, whenever they search for your service!
  • The potential of mobile commerce: Industry bodies estimate that by 2015, the global mobile commerce sector is going to surpass the USD 15 billion figure. Would you not like to be part of that bunch?
  • Keep up with the competition: Taking the above point forward, everybody wants a chunk of the pie, and your competitors are likely taking steps to ensure that they stay ahead of the curve.
What about you? Convinced yet?


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