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Popular Digital Marketing Trends in 2014

The world of marketing today is defined by the pace it can maintain. Digital marketing is like a canvas that has to test the effectiveness of a new medium from time to time; discarding one in favor of the other; or improvising an existing one to do more with the same. What’s heartening is that digital marketing in this era of technology has seemingly no boundaries.

From televisions and game consoles, to laptops and the all-consuming Smartphone - digital marketing can make waves on any device, and can use any of the numerous powerful social media tools to create that talking point every marketer would give an arm and a leg for! Here’s a look at some of the popular practices and emerging trends in digital marketing in 2014:
  • The Reign of the Smartphone: Yes, we’ve all heard it before. Clich├ęd though it may be, the Smartphone is here to stay, and how! Having long since outstripped the sales in PCs and laptops, mobile devices are becoming a real threat to even television. Enter the opportunity for smart digital experiences, content and media-in real time. Mobile first, it is.
  • Increased Social Media Marketing: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are by no means passes, but they are sort of a given for any smart digital marketing strategy to succeed. The newer entrants are making headway too now, meaning they are beginning to figure more prominently in digital marketing plans. Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ are fast gaining ground in 2014.
  • Geo-marketing: Multimedia content grabbing eyeballs on mobile devices seems to be currying favor. With over 85% of the adult population possessing and using mobiles, the potential for outreach is huge. This form of location based marketing using GPS technology is set to benefit businesses significantly.
  • Convergence of Media: Every marketer worth their salt is facing a rather stiff challenge: developing marketing strategies in real-time to cater to the overlapping platforms straddling social media, mobiles and, increasingly, television, which is becoming more and more digital nowadays. Even in outdoor signage is far more frequently in digital mode than it ever was, meaning that the need to showcase and reinforce your message on multiple media without boring your audience is now tougher, albeit exciting!
  • The rise of videos in marketing: It’s a well-known fact that the impact of a video is several times more potent than raw textual content, and marketers have known that for a while. But this year is beginning to see a more resolved and vigorous movement in the video marketing circuit, especially when delivered straight into the potential users’ mobile. Instantaneous influence on a prospective customer’s decision and buying behavior is being touted as a direct benefit.
  • Better content circulation: Businesses are beginning to maximize the advantage of directing feeds of useful, relevant and interesting content to end-users through some innovative methods such as discovery apps. The more engaged and involved a potential or existing customer becomes with a company, the better the chances of increasing conversion and spreading word-of-mouth.


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