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7 Reasons Why B2B Companies Need Digital Marketing

If you think Digital Marketing is meant only for B2C companies then you might have to think again!
It’s 2017! 

We are practically living in a world where almost everything is digital. From banking to education, to virtual reality, all the industries are leveraging the power of Digital Media and Marketing to accelerate their business growth.

No wonder, the habits and buying behavior of B2B buyers have changed drastically over the past few years. According to Hanne Tuosmisto-Inch, Senior Industry Head of Finance at Google, 46% of B2B buyers, who were performing a search online, belong to the age group of 18 - 34 years. This clearly indicates that B2B buyers are doing business searches online and are also very much active on social media.

Now, let’s discuss the 7 irresistible reasons why B2B companies should take B2B Digital Marketing into account for their business growth without any further delay.

Global Competition

Globalization accompanied with Digitization is posing a serious threat to local businesses. B2B companies are targeting global market by leveraging the Digital Communication channels worldwide.
In order to face the challenges in the B2B world, local businesses and other B2B companies need to put their step forward in Digital Marketing and bolster competitiveness. B2B companies should Start Leveraging Digital Media to expand networks, explore new markets, connect with foreign clients, and grow business online.

Cost Efficient

Forget Newspaper ads, television commercials and the boring brochures that not only have a limited reach and targeting but also are almost 3x times expensive than the cost of Digital Media and Marketing.
By using digital marketing, B2B companies can easily target the potential audience i.e. manufacturers, affiliates, resellers, government etc. more efficiently while controlling the ad expense with calculative ROI.

Stay Abreast with the Latest Trends

Seeing the exponential growth of Digital Adoption across the world, it’s a given that Digital Media is going to stay for long. Soon, all the B2B companies will be forced to go Digital; else they won’t be able to communicate effectively. The world is becoming an incredibly Digital-first space where a majority of transactions, meetings and prospect hunting is being done online.

Hence, B2B companies must invest in Digital Media and Marketing to stay ahead of the competition.
Connect with prospective clients and current customers conveniently by adopting the latest Digital media and Marketing platforms like Social Media, Search Engines, Responsive Websites, and Mobile Apps etc.

Inbound Leads

B2B lead generation is entirely different from B2C. In B2C, people buy on impulse. However, in B2B, prospects have to be nurtured as per their different buying stages to pull them further in the buying funnel and eventually converting them into customers/clients. Genuine practices like content marketing and social media engagement can help in building great customer relationship and generating quality Inbound leads over a period of time.
Generate More traffic, More leads and grow your business through informative and engaging content marketing.

Brand Authority

People do business with people. Period. In today’s tech-savvy world, people are tuned to visit the internet to look out for answers to their problems or read reviews before buying products or gain knowledge about the product or service they want to get involved with.
Hence, educating prospects and customers (with interesting and informative content through blogging, eBooks, articles, infographics, and videos etc) results in building customer’s trust and loyalty. In a micro scenario, it creates a strong Brand Authority for the Brand and becomes an online resource of knowledge and education for the target audience.
Be a Brand that people trust and look up to!

Brand Awareness

It’s high time that B2B companies should start putting their footprint in the Digital Space to reach out to the clients, customers, and prospects with an enthralling online presence. Mostly all people are using Digital Platforms today for personal and professional reasons.
Having a strong online presence can help B2B companies stay in touch with customers, attract new talent, reach out to investors, and achieve other similar business goals.

Business Growth

B2B companies can achieve exponential Business Growth through strategic and well planned Digital Media and Marketing activities. A captivating Digital Website can attract potential buyers, investors, and partners. A solid Social Media presence can keep the leads, customers, and clients warm.
To summarize, a strong online presence for B2B companies can capture huge mind space, create brand awareness, and generate humungous traffic and leads resulting in More sales and business growth.

What are you waiting for? 

Act now!

We are a Reliable Digital Media and Marketing agency trusted by SMBs to Fortune 500 B2B companies and are one of the pioneers of Digital media revolution delivering More media.


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