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Improving Google Ranking for Your Website

The search engine rank of a website is directly proportional to the websites credibility. In simple words, the more credible a website is the better ranking it will get on Google especially. This is the reason why the top SEO companies in India are focusing on improving a website’s credibility in order to rank on the top. 

The numbers of websites on the internet are increasing day by day. The SEO service providing companies in India are going through a war between the websites to be on the top or to take their clients on the top. In order to win the situation, it is very important to follow the basic rules as recommended by the giant, Google. 

Keyword for ranking :-
Usage of keywords in the content is recommended, but a lot of people do it wrong. The right way is to use the right keywords that do not look stuffed, and you will get the desired results. There are so many online free as well as paid tools available on the web related to keyword audit, which can help a lot in keyword selection process. But keep in mind that the tools suggest a vast number of keywords and you will have to choosing the right one can be a bit tricky. 

Design of the web page :-
The web page’s layout also plays a very important role in deciding the ranking of a website on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Along with the layout, keep in mind the meta description, title tag, meta tag, image tag, alt tag, HTML, the length of copy on pages, the number of indexed pages, canonical URL structure, domain age, site loading speed, and other. 

Boost site security :-
With the increase in technology, the cases of security breaches are also increasing rapidly. It has made security protocols stricter and tougher. The security breaches can be in the form of identity theft, clickjacking, malware, adware, and many others. Therefore, websites are going for security certifications and HTTPS encryptions. Google also rank the sites, which have HTTPS encryption and security certification.

Publish quality content frequently :-
Content is king, and will always be the king on the web. Without quality content, no website can rank high. Regularly adding fresh content can help a lot in improving the ranking of a website in SERP. When it comes to deciding the quality of the content, Google and other search engines judge it by using parameters like the user engagement it is getting and algorithm predicts. 

Do strategic link building :-
Strategic link plays a very important role in increasing the website’s ranking in Google or any other search engine. But remember, Google only counts linking to an authentic website. Google does not recommend link building through paid options. By doing so, you may end up penalizing the website. 

Mobile-Friendly website:-
Today, everyone is going mobile. A lot of websites are going only mobile (like Myntra). Therefore, it is very important for a website to be mobile-friendly. Google now counts it as one of the most important factors for deciding the website ranking. 


Do not try to outsmart Google
Keyword for ranking
Design of the web page
Boost site security
Publish quality content frequently
Do Strategic Link Building

In case you need more information about professional SEO services or ways to boost your site’s performance and ranking, then leave a comment below. Our expert will contact you shortly. 


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