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Content Marketing in 2015-the Top 5 Trends

As more and more business leaders warm to the idea of having a content marketing plan in place for their brands, marketers have to keep adopting newer, better practices to keep the audience interested. Innovation, more than in any other industry, is truly what differentiates the good digital media agencies from the Average Joes. So, what does 2015 have in store for the world of content marketing? Let’s have a look at the Top 5 trends that are likely to be given the thumbs-up this year:

 · Multimedia in Content Marketing: There is an overall consensus on the thought that content marketing is set to see a significant rise in the use of rich media like audio, video, sideshows and other interactive channels. After all, for any brand to truly break through the clutter on the online space, it is important that they create and distribute content that grabs their users’ attention span. It bodes well for a company to aim at using the affinity of the hyper-connected end user to social media platforms that encourage the sharing of good, original content, especially in video form to work to their own advantage.

· “Hyper local” content is in: Local listings are a given in this day and age. What is gaining momentum now though is the trend of creating content that is so specific to a particular geography or locality, that it resonates completely with the audience in that region-hence the term “hyper local”. While it may indeed take more effort than other traditional content marketing methods, it is well worth the effort. As it requires that the author be writing with real knowledge that would be found useful by people in the region, it is a safe assumption that Google would hold its originality and relevance in high regard.

· Info graphics may not cut it anymore: Industry veterans say that while great articles, blog posts and info graphics will never lose their importance, they are going to need some extra fire-power to truly ignite interest among the audience. Effects such as 3 D, animated info graphics, parallax and so on will help give an edge to brands over their peers. They will help the brand get noticed, and more importantly, aid in getting its content shared with others in the influence group.


· User-generated content will find more favor: Increasingly, brands are opting to involve their customers by encouraging comments, reviews and testimonials that they can post on their websites and social media platforms, in turn also helping the brand’s cause by pushing them to deliver great service. User-generated content is highly original and therefore boosts the brand’s credibility. This year, the trend is set to go a step further as many companies prepare to engage their employees as well in this trend, approaching a decentralized trend for content creation that helps generate increased participation in the company besides providing fresh perspectives.

· Increased Paid Content Marketing: Ultimately, marketing is about grabbing the most eyeballs. While organic sharing and syndication of content is naturally ideal, companies are also taking note that paid content distribution through high-quality; reputed channels can serve as a good supplement to the painstakingly-created content that they’d like to bring to the audience’s attention.

Now, it’s simply a matter of choosing which of the above trends your brand finds the most compelling-ready to test the waters?


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