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Modern Trends in Corporate Films

Corporate films have long been favored by brands due to the sheer reach they afford, and the number of areas they can be used in. Brands have a story to tell to their customers, peers, employees and investors-and what better method than a visually gripping medium such as a film?

Like all media, trends in corporate films have also been evolving over the years in sync with the advancements in technology, changing tastes, varying market requirements and so on. Let’s have a look at some of the most prominent modern trends seen in corporate video making:

1. Shorter video trend: Although the varying objectives of every brand and every corporate film mean that there cannot be an absolute market trend in the length of the film, there seems to be a general wave that favors shorter-duration films over longer ones. Statistics indicate that viewers prefer shorter videos, and the likelihood of them remaining interested in it till the end is far higher in this case. Also, since the rate of mobile viewing has greatly accelerated, shorter videos are gaining substantially more ground than ever before.

2. Rising popularity of slow motion: A film is a film is a film. It doesn’t matter anymore whether we’re talking about movie stars enacting scenes in slow motion, or taking the brand’s audience through a beautifully rendered product sequence. The idea of slow motion has long been used to convey drama, and emotional connect on many levels. It’s now being used extensively in corporate videos in very similar ways by filming a shot in a high frame rate, i.e at a rate higher than the normal 24 frames per second. Slow motion is being proven as a technique that lends a real punch to the film, used at the perfect moment.

3. Color Correction techniques are better: The advent of better technology, especially in post-production, has led to a great increase in the quality of the finished film. Color correction and color grading are some of the techniques that have got a major boost in this arena, meaning a well-made corporate film can today be on equal professional footing as a real movie!

4. Slider sequences: Although this technique is quite a traditional one in film making, it is steadily making its importance felt in corporate films as well. Basically, sliders necessitate the use of a tripod, and allow a camera to move smoothly through a scene. They are thought to be great for lending superior depth, production quality, and additional information about a scene. Since sliders are quite compact, film crews are also able to use them in smaller placers, including in plants and manufacturing units.

5. More importance to animation: Since videos are growing shorter, brand marketers face the challenge of showing more in less time. To help them achieve this, superlative animation is being used in films. As a result, the powerful representation of visual and audio metaphors tells a rather compelling story-which has the brands’ enthusiasts coming back for more!

Choosing the perfect blend of these trends to create that gripping narrative for your brand is up to you, of course. Some of them may be especially resonant with your corporate objectives.

Now’s the time to get your film started. Lights, Camera, Action!


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