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Flash Vs PowerPoint - Which One to Choose

Multimedia presentations have been around for a few decades now, and continue to be just as popular, especially as powerful business tools. The two prominent formats used are Flash and PowerPoint. In any presentation, the clever combination of text, graphics, audio, video and animation is what works to the immense advantage of this medium, making its impact rather forceful and the message delivery very clear. However, many businesses, big and small, face a dilemma when choosing between the choices in which to make their presentation. Both- Flash and PowerPoint have their own sets of merits and shortfalls. It is important to weigh them on some key factors to gain clarity on what suits one’s requirements best. Listed below is a comparison of how they perform on some key aspects:

flash and ppt

Parameter Power Point Flash Recommended
Time to create Relatively Short Needs more time PowerPoint, if the presentation has to be made in a hurry
Who will create it Can be created by any professional Needs design professionals PowerPoint, if looking to utilize only in-house resources. Flash, if you have a great design partner or an in-house design talent pool
Where it will be used Is better as an audio-visual aid Works equally well in self-running mode and when used by a presenter Flash, since it is more versatile. Can be used powerfully on its own in display kiosks or at exhibitions
Editing requirements Easily Editable Far more difficult to make alterations PowerPoint, if frequent changes or updates are anticipated by the organization
Mobile Compatibility Poses no problems Far more difficult PowerPoint, for professionals who have high mobile usage
Need for Printing Easy to print and be presented as handouts Cannot be printed PowerPoint, if printed versions are required-such as at training sessions
Presentation security Low scores on this aspect Added layer of security because it cannot be altered/edited by non-design professionals Flash, especially when showcasing sensitive product prototypes/data
Ability to be compressed A PowerPoint cannot be easily compressed Flash lends itself much better to compress Flash, for ease of online streaming and file sharing
Cost for creation Very economical Involves higher expenses PowerPoint, especially if the content and duration is lengthy

For visual & motion display enthusiasts who have been let down on the mobile platform, there is now a great option: HTML 5. This allows presentations to be created in a mobile-compatible form without compromising on the colors, backgrounds, fonts, animations and transitions. This means that one is now in a position to truly impress audiences on mobiles with a display of technological expertise. The HTML 5 template makes the presentation easy to be hosted on the web distributed with convenience and even edited using a basic text editor on any mobile device.


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