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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Corporate Films: An Absolute Must for Brands!

In this era of dog-eat-dog competition and innovation at breakneck speed, brands are constantly on the lookout for new ways to outdo peers. Newer ways of engaging stakeholders, both internal and external. Better means of promoting their USP’s, without appearing dull and desperate to do so. Effective marketing is all about wooing your audience from the get-go-and one of the most powerful methods to do so, is through a corporate film.
Clich├ęd though it may sound, the enormous advantage of a message in video medium over conveying it through a lecture, or a PowerPoint presentation is irrefutable. For any brand, it’s just a matter of utilizing the potential of a corporate film-you may be surprised by where all it can come handy!

Listed are just some of the numerous benefits of a great corporate film:
  • Potent Sales Tool: Imagine a freshly-minted sales executive nervously giving your brand’s introduction to a panel of decision makers. How much more impact would there be if he has a neat corporate film he can showcase alongside? A film can work wonders in conjuring up a positive impression with the help of appropriate video, sound and special effects.
  • Brand-building Exercise: A well-thought out storyline, a clear message and clever execution of a corporate film on different platforms can go a long way in making your brand a talked-about one. Employees, customers, peers-there are no boundaries. It just might go viral on social media and drive your call center and sales force crazy!
  • Serves Multiple Purposes: It’s the age of multi-tasking and multi-faceted functionality. The same corporate film can be used at trade shows, exhibitions, sales meetings and at direct customer interfaces like points-of-purchase counters. Similarly, a single human-resource oriented film can serve as a great tool at inductions, annual meets, training programs, etc.
  • Needs Optimum Attention Span: No matter whom your audience consists of; it is far more likely that they will view your video through till the end than simply listen to you speak without losing interest or focus. A sharp, crisp corporate film can hit the attention span sweet spot and convey the message brilliantly.
  • Simplifies Ideas: Visuals are better processed by the average human brain than just text. Through a film, even a complex product idea, a full-fledged demonstration, or a new prototype can be displayed and communicated in a simplified manner to potential investors, company management or other employees.
  • Versatility: With technology on the rise every single day, corporate film makers are also using the latest techniques to come out with dazzling products. A corporate film needn’t be viewed on just a television screen anymore. It lends itself just as well to mobile platforms like smartphones and giant projection screens. It could be uploaded to video sharing sites, streamed online on a company’s website or made available offline by downloading. The options are many!
  • Time-Saving Medium: Yep, time is money. Try and calculate the travel costs your company can end up saving by simply using a corporate film for distant projects. Email it to your partners, send it to your customers or share it with your employees. No need to actually go there anymore!

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