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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Google Brings Focus to Structured Data In Latest Webmaster Tools Changes

It's been more than one year when Google started changing the interface and adding new functionality & features to the Webmaster Tools on frequent basis. And, today on 2nd July, 13 there is another update Google rolled out in Webmaster Tools.
Have a look at the snapshot below.

New Google Webmaster Tools Interface

The latest changes in the webmaster tools heavily focusing on structured data implementation, i.e. Schema Markup. The data highlighter tool inside the webmaster tools has also got facilities for new markup and now allow article, events, local business, movies, products, restaurants, software applications and TV episodes as in the snapshot below.

Google Webmaster Data Highlighter

The easy markup facility in the WMT data highlighter provides an easy way to implement structured data to your website design, using just the 4 steps

  • Select the data and choose tag.
  • Create page sets for applying the same markup to multiple pages.
  • Tag more examples.
  • Review and publish.
It is clear that Google is committed to show more and more rich snippets in the search result pages and increase the use of schema markup on the web.

What should you do about it?

Now the questions is, will schema implementation help in search engine optimization? And, the answer is yes.

The modern SEO is not just about keyword rankings, its about how you present your website to search engines and the web users. For example, if you implement Google plus authorship to your blog, it increases your organic CTR and if you really are the well known author for that particular subject, it increases your rank as well. Same is the case with the rich snippets for website selling products (price, rating) or facilitates consumer reviews of products.

So, schema markup is now a must for better visibility in search engines. Will you be implementing schema in your site or already done it and did it make any difference to your website's traffic, share with me on .

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