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How we increased the Adwords conversion rate by more than 3 times - A Case Study

We spend a lot of time in design and testing of landing pages for our Adwords PPC services and always do experiments to increase the conversion rate. In fact we do a lot of research and testing with the placement of elements, colors, type of call to action, placement of call to action, headlines, images, text content, links, buttons and few more things.

We perform A/B testing and multivariate testing on landing pages and measure the effect, and, these experiments always proves to be successful in producing the higher conversion rates. So, here we are disclosing some of the main factors that affected the Adwords conversion rate through landing page, for our client Perfect Wellness.

1. Headlines

From this

 to this

What we changed:
- Headline Message
- Color
- Trust & Assurance (Guaranteed)
- Font Size
- Less Words in new message, because people now don't read full story, they just take a look
- Focus on money back!

2. About the Service/Product

From this

to this

What we changed:
- Image Included
- Again an assurance (Guaranteed)
- Secondary CTA headline (World's most advanced.....)
- Link to LEARN MORE about

3. Call to action

from this

to this

What we changed:
- Background Color
- Input color and text size
- Submit Button style
- Header message

and from this

to this

What we changed:

- Color

The reddish color is looking more beautiful, attractive and is more relevant to the service industry, i.e. weight loss

We also did a few tweaks inside the Adwords AdGroup keywords.

And, all this above helped us increase the Adwords conversion rate by more than 3 times

from this 

to this

So, its time for you to perform testing with your landing pages and get more leads or let us do this for you.


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