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Monday, March 25, 2013

Quick Answers to Latest Webmaster Questions Asked to Matt Cutts

Don't have time to watch the Matt Cutts's Google Webmaster Videos, don't worry, below are the quick answers to the latest webmaster & SEO questions asked to Matt Cutts in 2013.
20-Mar-2013 | 02:15
Q. - Does Google still need text to understand my site?
Ans. - Yes

19-Mar-2013 | 01:32
Q. - What does Google think of single-page websites?
Ans. - Google can parse most JavaScript, but do some tests

19-Mar-2013 | 02:10
Q. - Will Google suspect that useful links on our site are paid?
Ans. - No

13-Mar-2013 | 01:20
Q. - Can someone verify ownership of my site by adding a meta tag to the body of my page?
Ans. - No

06-Mar-2013 | 00:50
Q. - Should I use pushState to update my URLs instead of HashBang to manage Ajax navigation?
Ans. - Yes

05-Mar-2013 | 02:12
Q. - Is WordPress or Blogger better for SEO?
Ans. - Both Good

04-Mar-2013 | 04:21
Q. - Does Google use a set standard for manually removing webspam?
Ans. - Yes

27-Feb-2013 | 02:33
Q. - If I use a ccTLD, can I indicate my geographic location is not in that country?
Ans. - No

26-Feb-2013 | 02:23
Q. - Should I use the "autocompletetype" attribute on my web forms?
Ans. - Yes

25-Feb-2013 | 02:25
Q. - What percentage of PageRank is lost through a 301 redirect?
Ans. - The same as a link

19-Feb-2013 | 01:06
Q. - Does Google take action on sites that do keyword stuffing with phone numbers?
Ans. - Yes

13-Feb-2013 | 02:35
Q. - How many types of messages does the webspam team send to Webmaster Tools?
Ans. - Roughly 10

12-Feb-2013 | 00:54
Q. - Can I mark an email as "important" in Gmail?
Ans. - Yes, turn on 'Priority Inbox'

11-Feb-2013 | 02:00
Q. - How do I know which links to remove when I get an "unnatural links" message?
Ans. - Look in Google Webmaster Tools in Traffic > Links to Your Site

06-Feb-2013 | 02:05
Q. - Why don't you turn off the PageRank feature in the Google Toolbar?
Ans. - People use it

05-Feb-2013 | 02:07
Q. - Why does a certain YouTube video appear to be visiting my blog?
Ans. - Impossible to say, but it's probably referrer spam

04-Feb-2013 | 01:56
Q. - Do you have any specific tips for news sites?
Ans. - Try to keep the same story on a single URL as it evolves

Don't be confused, list is complete without a single question answered in the month of Jan, 13 because he was taking a rest from the internet and was on vacations.

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