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Popular Applications of Corporate Videos

As businesses and brands explore further means of delivering the maximum impact through their communication channels, the corporate video is steadily gaining more prominence and popularity as one of the important tools available. Technology is more sophisticated and user friendly than ever before, meaning that it is much easier to use, distribute and share videos than it used to be.
What makes corporate video especially interesting, is that depending upon the objective, they can prove rather versatile across a wide range of uses. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular applications of corporate videos:

1. Branding: Undoubtedly, this is what most companies think of when they are getting their first corporate video made. It’s meant to showcase the brand, unveil its highlights, show-off its USP’s vis-à-visits competitors, while at the same time, evoke interest amongst the viewer to know more. Used as a classic sales aid, the branding video acts as an enhanced, high-tech, high-impact version of a corporate brochure. It reflects the company’s message with uniformity, brings across its character, and keeps the audience engaged throughout the narrative. Besides, the sheer audience reach of a corporate video is simply unmatched.

2. Recruitment: Like the external customer, the internal customer too welcomes an interesting platform for getting acquainted with the brand. A corporate video can be used to deliver a powerful message about the company’s culture and its differentiators to prospective employees. Which potential candidate wouldn’t welcome the opportunity to get to know about a company in a crisp 3-minute video, rather than comb through several pages of the website? This effective channel is also great for a company to include success stories, testimonials or experience narratives of other team members so as to inspire excitement and anticipation amongst applicants.

3. Technical training: Companies can derive huge benefit out of a video as a teaching aid, especially when the subject at hand might be complex or deeply technical in nature. The potent combination of audio and video has proven to greatly effective in helping clear concepts and delivering result-oriented training sessions. It’s far easier for operators of complex machinery, for instance, to learn how to maneuver a particularly tricky part while viewing it in action, rather than relying upon just diagrams or a set of written instructions.

4. Reputation management: Companies these days are very conscious of maintaining a certain image in the minds of their loyalists. Corporate videos are, though relatively still unconventional in this application, hugely effective in doing so. Whether a brand wants to speak out against a relevant issue, or manage and repair any bad press it may have gathered recently, a corporate video garners far more curiosity amongst viewers than the tried-and-tested press conference route does. In fact, some brands run a whole series of videos taking the same thread forward, keeping audiences hooked and waiting for more.

5. CSR: When it comes to taking stands and supporting causes, the ability of a video to grip its audiences stands heads and shoulders above other media. Whether a brand wants to talk about the environment, children’s education, or women’s welfare, its vision and philosophy as a responsible corporate citizen can come across as clear as daylight through an engaging video.

The uses of a corporate video are wide and varied. Brands simply need to fire up their imagination to harness the potential of this very interactive, versatile, portable, clever medium!


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