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Website Design-Why Go Mobile?

In the world of technology, there is an upgrade every day-especially on the mobile platform. For many business owners, mobile website design seems to be the newest high-priority task. Ever find yourself wondering why this clamor for a mobile-friendly web avatar? After all, these businesses already have functional websites which even enjoy good rankings. So why bother going through the process again?

Factors that Hurt an E-Commerce Website

Online shopping has well and truly come of age. Whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want- the savviest e-commerce businesses are ready to serve. In fact, they are able to anticipate the next on the customer’s wish list. Others, while perhaps equipped with a similar product range, are simply not able to hit the mark and impress prospective users.

5 Relatively Unconventional Uses of Multimedia Presentations

Multimedia presentations are potentially one of the most under-utilized tools for promotion of a company , brand or a product or service. The advantages associated with the interesting and dynamic communication stream that a Multimedia presentation can bring to the table, simply outdo any other medium.

Corporate Films: An Absolute Must for Brands!

In this era of dog-eat-dog competition and innovation at breakneck speed, brands are constantly on the lookout for new ways to outdo peers. Newer ways of engaging stakeholders, both internal and external. Better means of promoting their USP’s, without appearing dull and desperate to do so. Effective marketing is all about wooing your audience from the get-go-and one of the most powerful methods to do so, is through a corporate film .

Popular Digital Marketing Trends in 2014

The world of marketing today is defined by the pace it can maintain. Digital marketing is like a canvas that has to test the effectiveness of a new medium from time to time; discarding one in favor of the other; or improvising an existing one to do more with the same. What’s heartening is that digital marketing in this era of technology has seemingly no boundaries.