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Popular Applications of Corporate Videos

As businesses and brands explore further means of delivering the maximum impact through their communication channels, the corporate video is steadily gaining more prominence and popularity as one of the important tools available. Technology is more sophisticated and user friendly than ever before, meaning that it is much easier to use, distribute and share videos than it used to be.

Recent Advances and Improvements in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful friend to anybody with an online presence. Not only does it allow you to track blog and web pages and key statistics such as traffic from RSS feeds, but also, it is rather user-friendly. With the world of SEO having changed considerably in the last couple of years, Google Analytics solutions are also constantly getting upgraded to meet the new demands of the market.

Impact of Semantic HTML on Google & SEO Ranking

Semantic HTML is programming at its cleverest. It is aimed at making searches truly useful, informative and meaningful to the user. In fact, by being able to produce fruitful search results even without very specific query criteria, it justifies its widespread popularity amongst the search engine community. The very idea of adding semantic mark-up to the HTML of a web page is to make it richer in information, rather than just pleasant to look at.

Responsive Design Mistakes to Watch Out For

Everybody is riding the “ responsive website design ” wave. We all want it because we all understand the implications it has for our businesses. However, just as it’s important to take the idea on board, it’s also vital to understand what can go wrong with it. Let’s have a look at a few mistakes in responsive website design that could potentially cause far more damage than good-watch out for them!